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Sandra Davis is a Maryland based multi-disciplinary artist that likes to experiment, with a focus on materials and components like acrylic paint, found paper, newspaper and magazines and fabric.  Sandra's work is a direct response to social issues happening in our country, including present grievances, inequality, and identity of others. Sandra’s art was included in an August 2020 internal article at Bank of America, where she is currently employed, to encourage conversations about social injustice and specifically how employees of color were dealing with the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. Issues such as equal pay, health disparity, housing and education, and the continued assault on people of color are all themes that fuel her work. Her images can be found on various surfaces including tabletops, tote bags, and wearable art.

Sandra has curated and co-curated exhibitions for the Women’s Caucus for Art, Greater Washington Chapter since 2019 and was instrumental in developing a member interview series titled “Do You Know Her” where members of Women’s Caucus for Art, Greater Washington chapter, have a platform to speak about their work. Sandra has been exhibiting with the City of Gaithersburg since 2010, where her work has been highlighted in local publications. She is most proud of her co-curated exhibition titled “Why I Vote” in collaboration with the City of Gaithersburg’s 2020 celebration of the 19th Amendment Centennial ensuring that all women told the full story. Sandra also regularly shows her art throughout the DMV area. In 2022 she received a micro grant from aShe Fund to help finance a personal project titled “Pull Up a Chair” that included 20 artists that each created a personal statement utilizing the chair as the surface or canvas for their work.  Sandra will continue this project with a focus on mental health and wellness in 2023 where she has received a Creativity Grant from Maryland Arts Council.  She was recently commissioned by the City of Gaithersburg to be a part of their permanent collection to be showcased at the city's new Municipal Center located at 16 Summit Ave Gaithersburg, MD 20877.

Sandra also serves as a board member for the National Women's Caucus for Art, as well as president elect for 2024.


Photo credit Aaron Davis 


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