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Sandra D. Davis is an artist that likes to experiment with materials and mediums, with a focus on mixed media, utilizing components like acrylics, found paper, newspaper and magazines, keeping a recycled theme.  Sandra's current work is a direct response to social issues happening in our country, including present grievances, in- equality and identity of others.

Issues such as Equal Pay, Health disparity, housing and education and the continued assault on men and women of color are all topics that remain a real concern.  In this era of social media, we are bombarded by tweets, instant messaging, Instagram pics are quick snapshots of capturing current events are platforms for inspiration.

The impacted parties are not only the same groups of people, but the fight has been recycled and re-emerged and refocused.  This has created new fraternities and sororities that has a broader reach and now includes a new generation of how society and people in power want to identify.  Her images can be found on various surfaces including tabletops, tote bags and wearable art. Sandra regularly participates in exhibitions throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia,

Sandra serves as the Exhibition Committee Chair for Women's Caucus for Art Greater Washington.

Sandra also serves as a board member for the National Women's Caucus for Art, as well as president elect for 2024.

Photo credit Aaron Davis

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